Mears Merritime - Bald Head Island, NC


Below is a list of the Comments we have received from some of our guests that have rented at "Mears Merritime". We hope you find these comments helpful.

GREAT Time...
Guest: Kim W.
Date of Stay: 10/31/13 Review Submitted: 11/10/13

"We had a GREAT time! We loved the renovations you guys have done. The bathrooms are SO nice! Love the new bathroom cabinets!!! We saw a lot of animals too! There was a chameleon in the house right when we arrived.... There was a deer on Edward Teach...We also saw tons of dolphins at the beach, saw the alligator at the pond... Anyway, thanks again! We love staying in your home."

Guest: Chris and Laura W.
Date of Stay: 10/19/13 Review Submitted: 10/24/13

"We had an amazing time. Your home is so inviting and had everything we needed. We truly enjoyed our stay and will be back. Thanks again."

Bald Head and your home - beautiful!
Guest: Zach & Meredith S.
Date of Stay: 10/14/13 Review Submitted: 10/18/13

"Thank you for sharing your home with us this weekend. We had a wonderful time. Bald Head Island is beautiful and so is your home. Everything was perfect!"

"...The best time together...!"
Guest: Marie M.
Date of Stay: 7/27/13 Review Submitted: 7/31/13

"We had the best time together on BHI! The house was so comfortable! We all loved the kitchen & bathrooms & crofter!...We will come back some day, I hope."

We Couldn't Ask For A Better House....
Guest: Laura McG

Date of Stay: 5/13/13 Review Submitted: 5/24/13
"Thank you SO much for the opportunity to stay in your lovely home on BHI. [We] had such a wonderful time and look forward to a return trip soon." "We honestly couldn't have asked for a better house for the two of us. The forested part of the island is my favorite to stay in - it just feels so tropical! I guess it's one of the great things about Bald Head...there really isn't a bad place to stay. We made great use of the golf cart as well as two of the bikes...I was even able to squeeze in a lovely run around the island. Thanks again! I'm sure we'll contact you again when we plan our next BHI getaway!"

We Felt at Home...
Guest: Maren O.
Date of Stay: 4/6/13 Review Submitted: 4/17/13

"We enjoyed our stay! The house was very comfortable and well organized. We felt 'at home' right away. The newly remodeled bathrooms were fabulous. All of the procedures and communication were excellent. We appreciated being able to bring our dogs - the yard is beautiful."

What More Can Be Said?
Guest: Laura D.
Date of Stay: 4/1/13 Review Submitted: 4/10/13
"Thank you for the organized pre-trip process and the instructions, helpful info, and notes at the house. It's well stocked and everything is easy to find....The beds are comfortable and the sheets are really soft - towels are really nice as well, and we appreciated not having to bring beach towels....Your updated appliances and bathrooms are wonderful! Only wish we had warmer weather to enjoy all BHI has to offer, hang out in the crofter, etc., but we had a wonderful time and couldn't have done without the bikes and beautiful cart. Very cozy and relaxing - played games and watched movies. Thank you!"

A Weekend Is Not Nearly Enough!
Guest: Jeri S. and Family
Date of Stay: 10/06/12 Review Submitted: 10/15/12 

"48 hours was simply not nearly long enough! We loved the location, the ambiance, everything. I think your procedures are perfect. I've already told many friends and have passed on the link to your home to them. Thank you for your help!"

Guest: Melissa and Kevin W.
Date of Stay: 09/30/12 Review Submitted: 10/09/12 

"Thank you for letting us be guests in your home! The house was perfect, and had everything we needed for a relaxing vacation. The island was magical for our children - they rode their bikes with abandon and fell in love with the beaches. It was hard for all of us to leave. We will be back!"

BEST Vacation!
Guest: Tracey C.
Date of Stay: 09/15/12 Review Submitted: 09/19/12 

"Our stay was awesome! We were already discussing coming out again to Bald Head Island next year and see if we can get our sister to come experience the magic. The weather, relaxation and, of course, your home were just perfect!" "We had the BEST vacation and your home was just gorgeous!! I have been spreading the word at work and we definitely want to come back next year!!"

Best Vacation Ever!
Guest: Susan P.
Date of Stay: 08/18/12 Review Submitted: 09/04/12 

"We ... had a great time at Mears Merritime! And, perfect weather, every day! The house is so cute, comfortable and cozy! Great books to read ~ we were mesmerized by the glorious kitchen and having the cabinets stocked with basics! Everything was perfect, so wonderful not to have to take beach towels etc! ...Best vacation ever! ...Thanks again for sharing your lovely vacation home!"

We hope you'll be staying at "Mears Merritime" soon!

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